Multi-channel customer experience

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Improve Customer Experience

Thanks to the Unique Marketing Customer Repository, you can put in place dynamic, profitable cross-channel operations: wish list, cross-channel sponsorship and loyalty operations, web-to-store, etc.

Creation of multi-criteria targets

You can create and automate relevant targeting by customising your criteria. At any time, you may determine how many customers are within the target, as well as the most suitable communication channel in order to launch marketing actions. Read more ›

Creation of marketing actions

CRM360° makes multi-channel accessible to all. Manage marketing actions across all channels and geographical areas in a simple, intuitive and automatable manner (email, SMS, mail, call centre, etc.). Read more ›


CRM360° accompanies you internationally for your marketing actions. We take account of your needs natively in terms of international communication: languages, currencies, time zones in which the customers are located, allowing you to ensure that the right communication is sent to the right person, at the right moment.

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