Thanks to CRM360°, putting in place a Marketing Database  is absolute child’s play! Identifying customers’ specific profile, enhancing data and building a Unique Customer Repository is straightforward and feasible. Don’t wait any longer!

Our mission

Widening accessibility to the Marketing Database.

CRM360° makes it possible to very rapidly develop on-hand relations with each customers whilst increasing both their satisfaction and campaign ROI. To achieve this, an expert team keeping a constant watch on the technological developments in customer relations places itself at your disposal, so that you may focus on what really matters: customer relations.

Our philosophy

Not only know each and every one customers, but also communicate with them in a relevant manner by using this affordable, simple and expert solution to improve customer knowledge.

Data is at the very heart of our profession. Within this context of a revolution in consumer behaviour with respect to brands and the multiplication of interactive media, we are more convinced than ever of the importance of controlling one’s data, a veritable gold mine that is often not exploited enough.


CRM360° is a product marketed by Follow The Sun, a marketing software publisher.


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