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    The Marketing Database FOR EVERYONE

    An agile Unique Customer Repository for a seamless customer experience

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    Increase sales and the ROI of actions

    Thanks to CRM360°, an expert solution to customer knowledge

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An expert solution

The heart of the solution has over fifteen years of experience and innovation in the field of Marketing Database.

* End users contacts


Easy to Use

CRM360 ° requires no technical skills. It has an easy access. Integrate all types of data for personalized communication and an excellent knowledge of each client.


An affordable solution

Control your budget ! CRM360° is working in only 8 days : no commitment time, and no purchasing licenses. You only pay for what you consume, while enjoying regular updates.

The CRM360° functionalities

Multi-channel customer experience

CRM360° makes the multi-channel customer experience accessible to all. Manage your marketing actions across all channels and geographical areas in a simple, intuitive and automatable manner, on relevant, customisable targets (email, SMS, mail, call centre, etc.).

Access to data

Analyse customer behaviour and monitor the results of marketing actions with comprehensive reports. Access and enrich the data in your database. Feed internal interfaces and monitor the customer throughout their entire experience with the brand.

SaaS (Software As A Service)

You have access to CRM360° 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any browser, within a robust, secure environment. Free yourself from technical constraints to focus solely on your business.

The 360° customer view

Build a Unique Customer Repository thanks to the gathering of all data sources, internal or external. Our open system offers a 360° view of each customer, wherever they are in the world. Browse through a clean database, with qualified (DQM, RNVP, deduplication) and enriched data.

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